In our attempt To Provide Uncompromising Care, we are striving to make visits to Redmond Veterinary Clinic, a highly enjoyable experience for our patients. The Fear-Free™ initiative promotes the practices, methods, and tools that calm patients and create low-stress environments to encourage better healthcare emotionally and physically. Hippocrates said it this way: "Cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always."

Just like the anxiety many people have about a doctor or dentist visit, our patients can experience similar anxieties. In fact, studies have confirmed that pets experience emotions that are very similar, even identical to our own.


In order to make your pet’s trip to Redmond Veterinary Clinic an amazingly enjoyable experience please consider the following:

Starting at Home

  • You can assist by conditioning your pet to the carrier and car so that they arrive happy
  • Bring your pet(s) hungry and feel free to bring their favorite treat or toy as we will be rewarding and distracting them liberally during the visit

Continuing at the Clinic

  • We will strive to escort you and your pet into an exam room as soon as possible to allow your dog or cat to walk around freely to become relaxed.
  • Our exam rooms are species specific in order to minimize the stress between dogs and cats.
  • We are creating a sense of calm in the exam rooms with relaxing music and species specific pheromones​

Finishing with the Exam

  • We will explore alternative places to conduct the exam that is in the patient’s best interest first
  • We will work with the patient to find out a method of control that keeps the pet calm but still allows us to perform procedures.
  • We will employ the best distraction techniques and small gauge needles for procedures
  • Sedation will be used to make any stressful or painful experiences avoidable
  • We will cradle every patients emotional and physical well-being
  • Bring Your Pet Safe

    Bring Your Pet Safe

    How to bring your pet Safe and Relaxed.

  • Bring Your Pet Hungry

    Bring Your Pet Hungry

    Try to leave for the vet when your pet is hungry (unless your veterinarian tells you otherwise). When you arrive at the veterinary office, offer your pet an especially tasty treat (again, unless your veterinarian tells you otherwise—bloodwork often requires fasting).

  • Bring Your Pet Happy

    Bring Your Pet Happy

    Bringing a Happy Pet makes a Happy visit for all involved.