Duties of a Licensed Veterinarian

According to the Oregon Veterinary Practice Act, a Licensed Veterinarian is a person who practices veterinary medicine, surgery or dentistry by doing any of the following:

  1. Diagnoses, treats or prognosticates an animal medical problem.
  2. Prescribes or administers a drug, medicine or treatment for the prevention, cure, amelioration, correction or modification of an animal problem or for euthanasia.
  3. Induces anesthesia in an animal.
  4. Performs a surgical or dental operation or procedure upon an animal.
  5. Performs an embryo transfer or pregnancy, sterility or fertility evaluation.
  6. Gives an instruction or demonstration regarding the acts described in this section, except as an agent or employee of this state or of the federal government.
  7. Advertises or represents in any manner, publicly or privately, that the person is willing to do any of the acts described in this section.
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    Curt Nitschelm


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    Shawn Clark


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    Cassee Terry


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    Kate Lane


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