Velvet Kilpatrick - Pharmacy Manager

Velvet Kilpatrick

For eight years, Velvet drove long haul truck. Her longest haul now is the five-mile commute between her 40-acre ranch to the Redmond Veterinary Clinic. Although Velvet works here as one of our Animal Care Assistants, she wears many hats on her job. Her primary responsibilities are to see to the comfort and basic needs of our hospitalized patients and boarding animals. This can include anything from feeding, watering and walking, to keeping the cages and kennels clean.

When she is not looking after the welfare of the animals, she stays busy in other areas of the clinic. For example, she helps the Technicians, does yard work around the clinic and is our all around "Handy Girl" for various maintenance jobs that come up. Velvet says that her favorite part of the job is working with a great group of people and taking care of the animals.

Having grown up on a ranch in Coquille, Oregon, Velvet is familiar with all types of animals. Even outside of her job here at RVC she still surrounds herself with as many animals as she can. Velvet owns 20 horses, 19 head of cattle, 20 chickens, 2 sheep, 1 goat, 6 cats, 5 dogs and a big white duck that was dumped off at our clinic and never claimed. Her favorite pets are, Major, her AQH stallion, Banjo, her Boston Terrier and Murphy, the goat that has free run of the farm.

As if this was not enough to keep her occupied, Velvet is also an active member of several animal related organizations. She is a member of American Paint Horse Association, National Cutting Horse Association, National Reining Horse Association, Central Oregon Cutting Horse Association and has also been a member the American Quarter Horse Association for over ten years.

Velvet does find time for leisure activities such as working her cutting horses, boating and fishing with James, her husband of 26 years their two adult children. Over the years she has helped raise about 20 teenage boys who still refer to her as their "Adopted Mom".

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