Duties of a Veterinary Technician

All duties of a Veterinary Technician must be performed under the supervision of a Licensed Veterinarian. The Oregon State Veterinary Medical Examining Board shall promulgate rules regarding the services a Veterinary Technician may perform, including, but not limited to:

  1. Obtaining and recording information cases.
  2. Preparation of patients, instruments, equipment, and medicants for surgery.
  3. Collection of specimens and performance of certain laboratory procedures.
  4. Application of wound dressings.
  5. Assisting the veterinarian in diagnostic, medical and surgical proceedings.
  • Rachael Runck: Certified Veterinary Technician

    Rachael Runck


    One of Rachael's first jobs was as a horse wrangler for four years at Cooperstown Bible Camp in North Dakota...

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  • Randy Wilson: Certified Veterinary Technician

    Randy Wilson


    Randy grew up spending time volunteering for his local vet clinic when he was young, and then became a cowboy for the next 23 years.

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  • Jessie Palmer: Certified Veterinary Technician

    Jessie Palmer


    One of Jessie's first jobs was riding and training colts for a local trainer...

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