Veterinary/Front Desk Assistant

Veterinary/Front Desk Assistant

Reports to:  Practice Owner or Manager

Qualifications and Requirements

Education and Licensing

  • High school diploma or equivalent


  • Previous On-The-Job Training desirable.


  • Minimum of 18 years old.
  • Genuinely enjoys working with animals and is able to deal with them even when they are stressed, ill or in pain.
  • Can stay calm and efficient during a medical crisis.
  • Is well-spoken and approaches his/her job duties in a mature nature.
  • Is experienced in the teamwork approach and works well with all levels of hospital team members.
  • Has excellent client communication skills.
  • Physical Effort: Work requires lifting and carrying animals (will be assisted by other staff members in lifting animals over 40 lbs).Walks or stands for extended periods or time; frequently works in a bent position.
  • Working conditions:May be exposed to unpleasant odors, noises and animal feces. May be exposed to bites, scratches and contagious diseases.


Who We Are

The Purpose of Redmond Veterinary Clinic is to share in dynamic relationships established through the practice of Exceptional medicine and surgery for small and large animal patients. It is our goal to care for the needs of our patients who provide unconditional love by Experiencing Relationship, Imparting Knowledge and Providing Uncompromised Care.


  • Know and follow daily the Code of Honor with our staff
  • Be personally growing in the Cornerstones of Character
  • Be familiar with our History

What We Do

The practice of Exceptional medicine and surgery for small and large animal patients


  • Coordinate patient transfers with front desk, kennel and/or technicians
  • Be able to create and start Medical Records

Cornerstones of Health

  • Know Well Animal Care Offered
  • Perform Nail trims and teeth brushing
  • Effectively promote preventive health care and pet health insurance to clients.
  • Support what fellow staff members have said to clients.
  • Be able to enthusiastically Greet Clients
  • Obtain a patient History
  • Obtain TPR’s on patients
  • Understand Vaccination procedures
  • Understand and assist in Health Exams
  • Provide Animal Restraint
  • Discuss and recommend Nutrition
  • Discuss and recommend Grooming
  • Share information on Zoonotic Diseases
  • Discuss Behavior problems and solutions
  • Understand Parasite Prevention

Cornerstones of Care

  • Know the Services Offered
  • Setup Basic Lab Work
  • Complete Surgical Setup
  • Complete Dental Setup
  • Assist in Boarding patient care
  • Prepare and share information on Prescriptions
  • Understand how to assist and set up for Basic Imaging
  • Assist with Examinations
  • Assist veterinary technicians in administering preoperative medications
  • Prepare the surgery suite(s) for incoming patients
  • Prepare medications and prescriptions for dispensing as directed by the doctor.
  • Daily provide C.A.A.R.E. to our patients
  • Assist grieving clients and comfort them

Financial Management

  • Create an Invoice
  • Assist receptionists with clients’ payments, and provide clients with receipts that detail their transactions.
  • Follow our Financial Policy
  • Understand Examination Philosophy and Pricing
  • Understand Client Coupons and Rebates
  • Understand how to process returns and refunds

Information Technology Management

  • Scan documents
  • Utilize the Patient Clipboard
  • Begin and complete the Patient Advisor
  • Know how to create Estimates
  • Utilize the Whiteboard

Customer Service

  • Answer phones
  • Know how to set up and modify Appointments
  • Greet Clients
  • Check in day admissions
  • Access client information within the practice-management software system. Enter and retrieve client and patient data in the computer.
  • Communicate with clients through email and personal notes


  • Assist receptionists in keeping the facility’s reception area and exam room(s) clean and tidy.
  • Assist in basic housekeeping
  • Routinely pick up trash or feces from the parking lot, sidewalks, or entryway.

Inventory Management

  • Assist in Stocking


  • Properly recycle materials


  • Input and update Reminders
  • Participate in Client Call Backs
  • Create At-will notes or emails
  • Send email marketing messages prior to appointments
  • Assist with reminder phone calls
  • Understand and be able to direct clients to different areas of our Website

Safety Management

  • Familiarize and follow OSHA regulations
  • Complete the Safety Manual and Quiz
  • Be familiar with Zoonotic Diseases

Employee Management

  • Maintain a professional appearance while at work, including clean and pressed uniforms or clothes. Change clothes daily as necessary to look professional and avoid carrying odors.Use breath mints as necessary.Do not chew gum.
  • Participate in all staff and training meetings.

Professional Management

  • Maintain strict confidentiality regarding clients and patients for whom the practice provides veterinary services.

    Office Management

  • Participate in a Training Overview
  • Review Position Information
  • Understand Payroll and Benefits
  • Cooperate and understand the Employee Manual
  • Participate in Administrative Procedures
  • Complete New Hire Forms
  • Complete Personal Data Base Entry
  • Receive basic Computer Training
  • Consent to and understand the Clinic’s policy of Continuing Education
  • Learn staff names through Introductions
  • Maintain accurate personal time card on computer

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