• How to brush your pet's teeth

    How to brush your pet's teeth

    Prevention of dental disease should be included as part of your pet’s overall preventive medicine program, just like vaccinations. Ideally, you should brush your dog's teeth daily. Daily brushing is most beneficial and will help to establish a routine for your pet. For many dogs, once brushing becomes a part of their routine, they will begin to expect it. Brushing twice a week is acceptable if your schedule cannot accommodate daily brushing.

  • Juvenile Prophylaxis

    Juvenile Prophylaxis

    A juvenile prophylaxis provides the opportunity to strengthen the enamel of the erupting permanent teeth of the animal. In addition fluoride provides a 30 day residual antibacterial activity and desensitizes exposed dentin.

  • Oral Health Home Care

    Oral Health Home Care

    Remember this saying "It is Good to Chew, Better to Rinse,and Best to Brush

  • Periodontal Disease

    Periodontal Disease

    Periodontal disease is the number one health problem in companion animals over seven years of age.

  • Tartar Prevention in Dogs

    Tartar Prevention in Dogs

    Plaque is a gummy substance that forms on the teeth within a few hours after a meal. Within 24 hours, plaque begins to harden by combining with salts that are present in the saliva. As the plaque continues to accumulate and mineralize, it eventually transforms into tartar.