Oral Health Home Care

Oral Health Home Care


  • Choose a quiet time and place to start the brushing.
  • If your dog is small enough, hold your dog securely in your lap, with its head facing away from you. If your dog is larger, you should sit on a chair and have your dog sit beside you so that you can comfortably handle the mouth and teeth.
  • Start by rubbing your finger or a soft cloth over the outer surfaces of your dog's teeth, using a back-and-forth motion. Be careful to stay on the outside surfaces of the teeth to avoid being bitten by accident.
  • For the first few lessons, it is a good idea to only rub the cloth along a few teeth rather than the whole mouth, especially if your pet is unsure or nervous about the process.
  • Once the dog is comfortable with you rubbing the teeth, let him or her taste a little bit of toothpaste from your finger.
  • Once your dog has accepted the taste of the toothpaste, apply a small amount to the cloth and rub it over the teeth.
  • Once your dog is completely used to you rubbing the teeth with a cloth, it is time to start using a toothbrush.


Dental rinses help fight plaque, maintain oral health, and freshen breath fast.
C.E.T.® Oral Hygiene Rinse contains chlorhexidine gluconate, cetylpyridinium chloride, and zinc as active ingredients in an oral rinse formulation for use in cats and dogs to help fight plaque, maintain oral health, and freshen breath fast.

  • Delivers antibacterial action and superior plaque prevention in a soothing, refreshing solution that quickly covers and rinses the entire mouth.
  • Unique combined formulation of chlorhexidine gluconate and zinc produces well-known antiseptic activity.
  • Effective in helping maintain oral health and fighting plaque when used daily with or without brushing. Ideal for cat and dog owners who either can’t or won’t brush their pet’s teeth.
  • Freshens breath fast with cetylpyridinium chloride.


C.E.T.® Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Dogs, featuring the exclusive Dual-Enzyme System, are made from select beefhide to combine a natural antiseptic plus an abrasive texture that works with the dog's chewing action to loosen tartar and provide clinically proven plaque control. Helps clean teeth and freshen breath even when brushing isn’t possible. Appealing poultry flavor.

  • Helps keep teeth clean and breath fresh, even on days when brushing isn’t possible. 

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