This Month's Highlight on Health

Highlighting Colic, Birthing, Target Training, Carrier and Car Training.

Cattle Birthing


Determining if the Cow/Heifer Needs Your Help

Facilities Needed

Supplies Needed

The Exam

Pulling the calf

What to do with the calf after delivery

Equine Colic

Colic, in the horse, is a generalized term referring to severe abdominal pain. We generally categorize it into one of the following conditions: nonstrangulating obstructions (i.e., sand colic, impactions), strangulating obstructions (i.e., twists of the intestines, colon, or uterus) nonstrangulating infarctions (i.e., bloodworms), diarrhea and abdominal infections. It is estimated that approximately 90% of colics in the horse will respond to medical treatment and not require surgical intervention. Your veterinarian can provide...Read More

Carrier/Car Training


Choosing the best carrier

Training cats to the carrier

Going for a ride


Step by step crate training

Help your dog ride comfortably in the car

Train your dog to get in and out of the car safely

Using the Treat & Train for riding in the car

Behavioral Training- Targeting

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