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Senior and Geriatric Wellness

"It has been repeatedly documented that many of the chronic disorders and disease processes seen in senior pets can be either cured or at least medically controlled if they are detected early enough. Earlier detection and prompt treatment of medical conditions improves the chances that senior pets will live longer, happier, and better quality lives."

Senior Dog Wellness

Senior Cat Wellness


Diabetes mellitus is a disease of the pancreas, a small but vital organ located near the stomach. The four main symptoms of uncomplicated diabetes mellitus are increased thirst, increased urination, weight loss, and increased appetite.  Dogs with diabetes mellitus generally require two insulin injections each day, and nutrition is an important component of disease management. Read more...

Product Profile

Cushing’s syndrome is one of the most common
endocrine disorders, occurring mostly in middle-aged and older dogs and is associated with an overproduction of cortisol.  Clinical studies demonstrated that daily treatment with VETORYL Capsules resulted in decreased thirst, decreased frequency of urination,
decreased panting, and improvement of appetite and activity. 


Our dog had a medical crisis while we were camped outside John Day, about 3 hours from Redmond. The wonderful vet there referred us to RVC, where Dr. Shawn met us and provided a very thorough, skilled, knowledgeable and compassionate evaluation. The news was not good, unfortunately, but at least there was no more mystery, we knew what we were up against and had some tools and ideas about how to manage it until we could get home. Dr. Shawn called the next day to check up on her, and sent copies of her ultrasound to our vet so we could all determine best treatment plan. The whole staff was pleasant and supportive. If we lived in the area, Dr. Shawn and RVC would definitely be our vet!.


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