This Month's Highlight on Health

Adult Dog Wellness

According to published research, more than 10 percent of pets brought to veterinary clinics for checkups have some type of underlying disease or abnormality. Adult examinations are encouraged on a yearly basis.  Read more...

Adult Cat Wellness

One of the best ways to keep your cat healthy is through regular preventive care, which involves partnering with a veterinarian that you trust. Your cat needs regular check-ups just like you do.

We’ve compiled helpful information from feline veterinarians more.

Dog Park Etiquette

Anyone who frequents the dog park and knows about dog behavior probably has a few horror stories to share and I am no exception. A couple of years ago, I was at my neighborhood park, which is a private multiuse park for dogs and people. It was an off-hour so it was just me, my dog, Jonesy, and my foster dog, a little Corgi with a history of some fear and reactivity to unfamiliar dogs. Jonesy was off-leash more.

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