This Month's Highlight on Health

This month we are Highlighting Obesity Prevention in your pet and how to train your dog(s)to respond appropriately to the doorbell and visitors at the door.


"Overfeeding, free choice and lack of exercise are all reasons why nearly 35% of pets are overweight."

Rosenthal, M. Obesity in America: why Bruno and Bessie are so heavy and what you can do about it.

"Obese pets have more physical ailments and a shorter lifespan than those of normal weight. Obesity increases risk during surgery, and breathing and walking are more difficult for the obese pet. "


Door Manners

​Any dog that barks or jump on visitors, darts out the door, or barks an rushes around when people are leaving the house should learn to lie down calmly on a rug during these situations. Th​is video can help train your pet to be a perfect house guest.

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