The Consultation


In addition to a complete Physical Examination, the Consultation includes gathering a thorough history regarding the following topics so as to optimize your pet’s health. 

Nutrition- We will make a nutritional assessment and recommendation for you based on our examination. Please let us know what food you are currently feeding along with any supplements. On a normal day, what does your pet eat? Please include any treats or people food. Have there been any changes to what your pet has been eating recently? Has your pet had any problems with his or her current food? With previous food? Are there foods that your pet does not like

Disease Prevention- The current vaccination plan will be reviewed based on risk factors.We believe that preventing disease is less expensive than treating disease and more importantly reduces the morbidity and mortality of our patients.

Parasite Control- We tailor parasite prevention programs to parasite prevalence and pet lifestyle factors.Please remember to bring a teaspoon-sized stool sample that is fresh within 4 hours for an intestinal parasite test.

Behavior- If your pet is experiencing any behavioral related problems please inform us at your visit. Redmond Veterinary Clinic believes that it’s our task to offer accurate education to you prior to and when behavioral problems occur.

Dental Care- We will summarize the current health of your pet’s mouth and recommend appropriate home care.

Grooming- Our commitment to uncompromised care extends to promoting the health benefits of a well groomed animal that includes a more vibrant hair coat, decreased shedding, and the prevention and detection of skin disease.


Consultation following the examination of an ill patient centers around:

Diagnostic Planning

We do not believe that we can diagnose a disease based on physical examination alone. We practice medicine based on the problem-oriented approach.  Each problem may have many causes to be ruled in or out.  The diagnostics that we use include blood tests, biopsy, radiology, ultrasound, endoscopy, and second opinions from experts in the field.  

Therapeutic Planning

We believe the best way to treat a disease is to be able to call it by name and use a proven therapy to achieve the most effective result.  A plan will be formulated to provide the best treatment or management option for the patient.


A medical term for predicting the likely outcome of a patients current standing.  A complete prognosis includes the expected duration, the function, and a description of the course of the disease, such as progressive decline, intermittent crisis, or sudden, unpredictable crisis.