Llama/Alpaca Reproductive Care

spacer-green.gifFemale Pregnancy Evaluation

  • Breed every other day for 5 days or until non-receptive.
  • If receptive longer than 5 days, or not receptive at all - consult with veterinarian.
  • Recheck for receptivity at 8 to 14 days post breeding. If non-receptive, recheck for receptivity again at 3 weeks post breeding.
  • Ultrasound for pregnancy at 21 to 30 days. Reevaluate pregnancy status of all females at approximately 60 to 90 days of gestation. 90% of fetal wastage (abortion) occurs prior to 90 days.
  • Check pregnant females for receptivity periodically. It is recommended that females get pregnancy checked by a veterinarian at 90 days, 150 days, and again after 250 days to make sure fetal wastage has not occurred.
  • Young females should reach approximately 2/3's of their projected adult weight prior to breeding. (approximatly 200# for llamas and 90# for alpacas.)

spacer-green.gifFemale Postpartum Exam

  • Veterinary examination of females 10 to 14 days postpartum for uterine tone, vaginal discharge or tears, and follicular development. (This is especially important for any animal that had a difficult or assisted birth, a history of breeding problems, or whose baby failed to nurse the dam.)