Swine Diseases

  • Temperature- 101-102.5
  • Heart Rate- 55-86/beats per min.
  • Respiration- 20/breaths per min.

spacer-green.gifNewborn to Weaning

Important Considerations:
  • Colostrum first 4 hours
  • Iron 100-200mg 1-3 days
  • Dry & clean environment
  • Adequate heat- 90-95 degrees first week
  • Dip naval cord
  • Clip needle teeth
  • Notch ears/dock tails (?)

Bacterial Disease

Slow onset; increase in severity; individuals

E. coli (Colibacillosis)

Clinical Signs- 1-3 days; watery to yellowish/brown pasty diarrhea, death
Treatment- Antibiotics, Antiserum, Fluids
Prevention - Increase sanitation & sow management, milk bacterium’s, Vaccinate sow

Clostridial Enteritis

Clinical Signs- Hemorrhagic diarrhea in first 3-4 days of life; sudden death
Treatment- Antitoxin, although usually ineffective
Prevention- Cl. perfringens Type C Toxoid 2-4 weeks pre-farrowing; wash sow

Viral Disease

Rapid onset then gone; group

Transmissible Gastroenteritis (TGE)

Clinical Signs- All ages, vomiting, diarrhea, 100% death, < 10 days, winter
Treatment- Supportive care
Prevention- Vaccinate 2-4 weeks pre-farrowing

Parasitic Disease

Coccidiosis- Up to 27% of 5 day to weaning diarrheas

Clinical Signs- 7-10 days yellow/gray watery diarrhea
Treatment- Coccidiostats all off label
Prevention- Sanitation


Clinical Signs- White feces, vomit
Prevention- Sanitation, deworm sow


Clinical Signs- Decreased growth rate, “thumps”, obstruction
Treatment- Anthelmintics
Prevention- Deworm sow

Nutritional Disease


Clinical Signs- Looks like E. coli
Prevention- Observe piglets, good nutrition to sow


Clinical Signs- Diarrhea in piglets that feel good

Disease of the Feet & Legs


Clinical Signs- > 3 weeks, lame, hot/swollen joints, from gilts
Prevention- Use older sows


Clinical Signs- Lame, fever, depressed
Prevention- Vaccinate

Neurologic Disease


Clinical Signs- Convulsing
Prevention- Warm environment, check sow for milk


Clinical Signs- Act funny, stillbirths, weak piglets
Prevention- Test/remove/vaccinate

Vitamin A deficiency

Clinical Signs- In coordination, head tilt, eye lesions, stillbirths

spacer-green.gifWeaned Pigs


E. Coli

Clinical Signs- Diarrhea, septicemia, acute death, swollen eyelids
Prevention- Decrease stress, improve environment

Rota Virus

Clinical Sign- Temporary diarrhea 3-4 days post weaning
Treatment- Supportive care
Prevention- Increase sanitation, vaccinate pigs

Enzootic TGE

Clinical Sign- Diarrhea between 7 and 14 days post weaning
Prevention- Vaccinate

Salmonella, Hemophilus, Erysipelas

Clinical Signs- Diarrhea and increased temperature


Atrophic Rhinitis

Clinical Signs- Sneezing, tearing, wrinkled nose, coughing, close confinement
Prevention- Management, environment, nutrition, vaccinate sows


Clinical Signs- Dyspnea, cough after exercise, no fever
Prevention- Medicate feed, older sows, vaccinate?


Clinical Signs- Increased temperature, anorexia, productive cough, lameness
Prevention- Vaccinate, decrease stress, isolate


Pasteurella, Salmonella, Swine influenza


Salt Poisoning

Clinical Signs- Thirst, restlessness, depression, convulsions, death
Prevention- Provide free access to water, reduce salt in feed