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  • Dental Care

    Dental Care

    "More than 8 out of 10 pets over 4 years old suffer from Periodontal Disease, a condition in which bacteria attacks the soft gum tissue. With gum deterioration, bacteria have a clear path to the bloodstream and vital organs, such as kidney, liver, lungs and heart. Even when teeth appear healthy, bacteria can build up in spaces between teeth and gums resulting in extensive periodontal disease."

  • Skin Care (Dermatology)

    Skin Care (Dermatology)

    Veterinary dermatology involves the diagnosis and treatment of animals with benign and malignant disorders of the skin, mouth, hair and nails. Veterinary diagnosis are made based on the results of specialized procedures such as allergy tests, fungal cultures, cytological smears, microscopic examination of skin biopsies and many other similar tests.

  • Cancer Care (Oncology)

    Cancer Care (Oncology)

    As animals live longer lives, the veterinary staff sees more patients with cancer of one form or another. This may be skin tumors, oral masses, abdominal or thoracic neoplasia. In addition to offering accurate diagnosis of cancer, Redmond Veterinary Clinic also offers treatment options for a number of cancers. This may include surgical removal of the tumor, chryotherapy or chemotherapy.

  • Eye Care (Ophthlamology)

    Eye Care (Ophthlamology)

    Great care is provided to the patient through thorough evaluation and treatment of the eyes. The purpose of this service is to provide patients with a diagnosis of illness and the preparation of a treatment plan and prognosis.

  • Internal Medicine Care

    Internal Medicine Care

    Internal medicine involves the diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases such as those involving stomach, intestine, colon, kidneys, bladder, endocrine (thyroid and diabetes), liver, spleen and respiratory conditions.

  • Heart Care (Cardiology)

    Heart Care (Cardiology)

    We provide uncompromised care in the field of cardiology. This service provides our clients with a rapid diagnosis including Radiographic Imaging, Echocardiograms, ECG, and Blood Pressure evaluations.

  • Reproductive Care (Theriogenology)

    Reproductive Care (Theriogenology)

    Our doctors are able to assist with both large and small animal reproduction. We can help you from pre-conception to post birth or any stage in between.

  • Endoscopy


    We offer both flexible and rigid endoscopy to allow for minimally invasive and reduced pain procedures.

  • Osteoarthritis Management

    Osteoarthritis Management