• Rabbit Care

    Rabbit Care

    Curious and complex, rabbits make fun and entertaining animal companions. Running, hopping, sniffing, nibbling – rabbits revel in exploring their environment, so it’s important to provide them with a home that is fun and interesting but also safe. Regular veterinary care, a good diet, and proper housing will help keep your rabbit happy and healthy.

  • Guinea Pig Care

    Guinea Pig Care

    Prefer your furry, cuddly friends in a small package? Not quite ready for the time commitment of a dog? Guinea pigs make great pets: mild-mannered, sweet, and adorable! They’re fairly easy to care for, but, like any pet, they do require some special care, as well as regular veterinary checkups, comfortable housing, and love and attention from their owners.

  • Chinchilla Care

    Chinchilla Care

    Faster than a speeding bullet! Able to leap furniture in a single bound! Bounces from one surface to another effortlessly! That’s right – it’s a chinchilla! These adorable little creatures can make delightful pets for the right owner. Chinchillas have delicate skeletons and love to chew on things like electrical cords, so a safe environment is essential. Keep your chinchilla’s health on the right track with a healthy diet, lots of safe exercise, and regular veterinary care.

  • Ferret Care

    Ferret Care

    Take the best qualities of dogs and cats, wrap them up in a cute package, and you’ve got a ferret! These small, highly entertaining creatures are intelligent, curious, loving, and highly responsive to attention. Ferrets bond closely with their owners. They require daily stimulation in the form of play and social interaction, a healthy diet, and regular veterinary care.

  • Hamster Care

    Hamster Care

    Hamsters are the most common pet rodent for several reasons. These attractive, clean little companions are captivating to observe in their daily routine. Hardy and easy to care for, hamsters can make a good “first pet” for children. But keeping this small pet is still a big responsibility. The more you learn about hamsters, the more you will appreciate them and the healthier your pet hamster will be.

  • Sugar Glider Care

    Sugar Glider Care

    The charming sugar glider has quickly become a popular household pet in the United States. Sugar gliders have many good pet characteristics in that they are clean, personable, attractive and relatively quiet. Their housing and dietary requirements are reasonably easy. They are hardy and don’t have a lot of health problems. However, before deciding to become a sugar glider owner, be sure you have the commitment and time your new pet will require.

  • Pet Rat Care

    Pet Rat Care

    If you are looking for a pet with personality and smarts but don’t have a lot of space, maybe you should consider a pet rat. Rats make excellent pets, especially if socialized from an early age. Rats are quiet, clean, and easy to maintain. They are sweet, smart, friendly, social, active, and very entertaining. You can keep your pet rat as healthy as possible by following the simple instructions below.

  • African Pygmy Hedgehog Care

    African Pygmy Hedgehog Care

    Prickly on top, warm and fuzzy underneath: this perfectly describes the African Pygmy hedgehog. Under that menacing exterior is one of Nature’s most unique and intriguing mammals, an adorable pet with lots of personality. Normally shy and reclusive, hedgehogs become tame if gently handled and properly socialized. Hedgehogs are compact, quiet, and virtually odor free, making them one of the easiest pets to keep.